In a highway in Bulgaria, people pass here on their way home from their vacation. People are oblivious to the fact a that mother and her pup are clinging on for dear life on the sides of the highway. Every passerby either did not see them or did not care enough to stop.

Fortunately enough. Marti and Tsetso noticed these dogs. The couple was kind enough to stop to help them. The two dogs were clinging on to each other for the whole ride.

Both of the dogs looked like they had some kind of skin infection and the mother needed an immediate health check. Physically, you can see that the mother is not in good health condition. Both are seriously underweight and may have been starving for days.

The good Samaritan took the dogs to Animal Friends Foundation in Bourgas, Bulgaria where they were to be taken care of. The mother, they named Siberia while the puppy was named Alaska.

The mother and child were diagnosed with two kinds of scabies, and both were treated for their health issues. As they were receiving the proper care and treatment, Siberia is looking like a husky again. And what beautiful eyes this dog has!

Both dogs are recovering very well and are in great shape. These dogs get a second chance in life as a result of two people who were kind enough to stop for them. Credit also needs to be given to the shelter that took them in, treated them, and found both dogs a good home and family.

An act of kindness will always go a long way. If those two concerned citizens did not stop, who knows where those two lovely dogs would be now. There is still hope for everyone to deliver an act of kindness.

Source Little Paws via YouTube

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