A lot of parents allow their toddlers to interact with their dogs. Such an experience can be a great learning experience for the child. Not only do they learn compassion, but they can also learn patience and tolerance at a young age.

When Murphy’s owner was pregnant, he was lying beside her belly. It was not surprising that when the baby was born, the dog became enamored. Murphy never shied away from showing affection towards the baby.

When the baby became a toddler, Murphy always stayed by her side. They would do everything together, including playing and sleeping. The dog is very gentle with the baby and is also tolerant of her touches.

Whenever the toddler was eating, she would sneak food and drop it on the floor. Murphy got used to getting fed this way. Murphy and the kid have a mutual understanding that he could be given food generously. The mother doesn’t mind this behavior and actually encourages it.

Aside from the constant giving of food, there are many activities the best friends enjoy doing. They love to cuddle together in bed after waking up. They also crawl and the floor side by side.

Murphy’s owner likes to describe him as having a very human-like personality. The toddler, on the other hand, also has an interesting comedic character. Their personalities work well together, making them a great tandem.

Murphy’s owner enjoys watching such a wonderful dynamic unfold. They have a dynamic that’s absolutely cute and entertaining, something that the owner would never get tired of. According to her, she couldn’t imagine a life without the two most precious personalities in her life.

Murphy’s story is a good example of why parents allow dogs and kids to interact. There’s an incomparable level of happiness that can be derived from merely allowing such interaction to happen. Take a peek at the following video to see more of their friendship.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.

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