A large dog’s fascination and curiosity toward small creatures can often be wholesome and heartwarming. For example, one Great Dane named Ben is obsessed with watching over his owner’s koi. Every day he watches as the fish swim about in a large tank, looking like he’s hypnotized.

It’s hard to tell what the large dog thinks while observing the fish. Perhaps he’s confused about why the fish are kept in a tank all day. The only certain thing about Ben is that he’s dedicated to watching the koi swim all day long.

Ben’s owner has a hobby of caring for koi that have been abandoned. A new fish is sent to the owner’s home every few weeks. As a result, Ben never gets bored of watching fish swim, as there are always new ones that occasionally arrive.

When a new koi arrives, it has to be in a separate fish tank for five days. When that happens, Ben will shift his attention to guarding the new koi instead of watching the old ones. He never leaves the fish’s side, even when he’s supposed to be eating.

After five days, the owner transfers the new koi to the main aquarium, where all the other fishes are. Ben never takes his eyes off the fish until that process is over. The dog shifts his attention to the main aquarium and watches the koi swim as he usually does.

One day the owner surprised Ben by giving him a toy resembling a koi. That toy also flapped, just like a fish out of water. Seeing such a toy made Ben excited, as he could finally play with the fish he had observed for a long time.

Even if the toy was a fake fish, Ben treated it like a real fish. He gently took the toy in his mouth and placed it on the sofa. He made sure it was not damaged as he carried it around wherever he went.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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