This pregnant dog had been roaming the streets of Los Angeles for months when the woman who had been feeding her called Hope For Paws to secure her so that she wouldn’t have to give birth in an unsafe place. Sadly though, despite showing good faith and consistently leaving food for the dog to nibble on, Sonya could never gain her trust, and the dog never allowed her near enough to touch, much less adopt her. The assistance of a more experienced dog rescuer with the right set of gear was necessary, and she knew exactly who to contact to get the job done.

When Hope For Paws arrived at the location, the dog could be seen walking in the street, and a few moments later, Sonya also showed herself and waved to the rescuer before pointing to the dog. After exchanging pleasantries, they agreed on a plan which consisted of Sonya luring the dog into her yard with food, with the rescuer waiting at the back to close the gate once she was completely in. For a time, it seemed to work, and the dog did follow Sonya into the yard, but she was simply too cautious about going far enough into the enclosed area, and they couldn’t trap her.

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After a bit of waiting, she finally entered a much larger yard, and the rescuer hurried over to his vehicle so he could get his plastic fence and set it up to block her only exit. With Sonya’s assistance, they extended the plastic fence to block part of the front yard as well, in case the dog got the idea to make them chase her around the house. The rescuer searched for ber at the back of the house, found her, and chased her to run toward the plastic fencing they’d set up where Sonya was waiting.

Just as the dog was about to jump over the plastic fence, Sonya decided to take a risk and secured the dog with her right foot! The poor creature was still nervous when she was put into the passenger seat of the vehicle, but soon relaxed when it became apparent that neither of the two humans was going to hurt her. After a few weeks at a foster home, she gave birth.

Now, all that was left to do was wait for them to be ready and to help them find a forever home.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube

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