It’s common for inexperienced dog breeders to encounter puppies with disabilities in their line of work. Such puppies are usually sent to animal shelters, where dog rescuers would try and find homes for them. However, some end up being put down due to a lack of interest from potential adopters.

Tonka is an example of a puppy that was an outcome of reckless breeding. He was born with deformed elbows that prevented him from walking properly. His condition could get worse if he does not receive medical intervention.

Fortunately, Tonka’s foster parents were able to get him the surgery he needed. His foster parents also made him go through intensive physical therapy. Additionally, they made him wear shoes so his paws wouldn’t get bruised while walking.

Tonka was later adopted by a woman named Naja Muller. She exposed Tonka to new and joyful experiences. Under her care, Tonka learned to do activities that seemed impossible for a dog with a disability.

A veterinarian said that Tonka would unlikely be able to hike or use the stairs. However, under Naja’s supervision, he was able to do those things. He always accompanies his owner during hikes and other outdoor activities the vets thought impossible for him to do.

Tonka never showed any sign of discomfort whenever he was on a hike with Naja. That’s because Naja always ensures the dog’s safety during outdoor activities. For example, Tonka always wears protective gear like vests and shoes.

Naja is extremely proud to have a special-needs dog. She witnessed Tonka push beyond his limits with great success. To this day, she still encourages Tonka to do his best in everything he does.

Tonka’s recovery did not come easy. It was only possible with the help of his foster parents and his veterinarians. Naja is grateful to everyone that helped Tonka recover and thrive.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube.

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