Dogs need to play while their owners are away at work. Fortunately, there is one particular place that specializes in dog care. But it’s not an ordinary canine facility. People like to call this place the dog kindergarten. Having your dog come here is like sending off a kid to school.

All the dogs have uniforms and bags. The bags usually contain the dog’s favorite treat or toy. The dogs that stay in this place are comfortable with the company of other dogs. They have scheduled nap times, and they all sleep together just like in nursery. Each dog has their own mattress and blanket.

There are special days at this dog kindergarten. On such occasions, a field activity is planned for all the dogs. The caretakers even prepared shirts for two different teams. The dogs are divided into the green and the orange team. Some of them, like the dog named Kong, seemed like he wanted to be on the green team. While others just went along with wherever

They all proceed to the playground and they start the first event which is a short race. One representative from each team is chosen for each round. For the first race, the dogs Benji and Lolo face each other. They sprint as soon as they are released by the handlers. Benji was victorious during the first round, leaving behind Lolo. The orange team won the first event.

After a few races, the dogs proceed to a next event which is a treasure hunt. They dogs sniff some packaged pieces of paper. After that, the handlers hide the papers around the playground then the dogs are challenged to use their keen sense of smell to locate the hidden pieces of paper. This time it was the green team that emerged victorious.

The last event was a swimming competition. The best swimmers from each team were chosen to participate. Rony represented to the orange team while Roy swims for the green team. Rony is known as a fast swimmer. However during the swim race just before they reach the finish line, Rony turns around allowing Roy to take the championship. The green team takes the crown that day. These are just some of the fun things that happen at the dog daycare center.

The full story can be found on the SBS TV YouTube channel.

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