Veterinarians are experienced in treating all sorts of animal health problems. They also know how to communicate well and put pet owners at ease. Here is an example of one vet who shows great care and compassion towards his clients and their pets.

One day Dr. Diarra Blue got a visit from two of his regular clients, Cony and Alan. They brought their dog, Louise, to the clinic because of a digestive problem. The couple noted that their dog was not as energetic as she usually was.

The owners also reported that Louise had lost her appetite. Dr. Blue had been the go-to veterinarian for Louise, but this was the first time that the dog had lost her appetite. The vet was surprised by this report, but he already knew what to do next.

Dr. Blue explained to the couple how he was going to diagnose Louise’s illness. He’s going to perform a rectal exam to check what bacteria is present in her rectum. The vet was looking for the presence of bacteria that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

When Dr. Blue performed the exam, he saw traces of blood. It was a sign that Louise’s diarrhea needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Furthermore, the vet also noticed an imbalance of bacteria in the dog’s rectum.

Dr. Blue instructed the couple to give their dog antibiotics and probiotics. With that, Cony and Alan went on their way. However, before leaving, the couple was advised to return to the clinic before their planned vacation.

After some time, the couple returned to Dr. Blue with Louise. The vet wanted to see if the antibiotics and probiotics he prescribed solved the problem. It was obvious that the medication worked because Louise was more energetic compared to the last visit.

Cony and Alan called Dr. Blue a miracle worker. This was because Louise’s appetite and overall vigor were successfully restored. The vet was thankful for the compliment but insisted there was no miracle. He knew what the problem was and did what he had to do to solve it.

Video courtesy of Animal Planet via YouTube.

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