Our pet dogs are our family – and we always share food with our family. However, no matter how much we treat them as if they are our own children; we can’t change the fact that they are just biologically not the same as us. So we cannot share all types of human food as some maybe toxic to them.

In this article we will help you to have a clearer picture regarding which types of food to give and not to give your dog.


chocolate, schokalodentafel, chocolate bars

We don’t think we still need to discuss this with you as this is the most infamous toxic food for dogs. Theobromine in chocolate in any shape or form will be fatal for your dog. Your dog will start vomiting, have diarrhea and will have high temperatures. In any case they ingest chocolate in any form, rush them to the vet.


pick and mix, children's sweets, candy

Dogs ingesting large quantities of sugar is a big no-no! This can induce vomiting and diarrhea and could cause diabetes or liver problems. If you believe that your dog has eaten large quantities of candy, make sure to rush them to the vet right away as this is a life-threatening situation.


avocado, fruit, halves

One of our all-time favorites but the exact opposite for your pup – Avocadoes are, like chocolate, on the list of forbidden food for dogs. They may be healthy for us but they are deadly for our pet dogs. Like chocolate, our dogs will have diarrhea, vomiting and high body temperatures. If you believe your pup has ingested avocadoes, you already know – rush them to the vet.


apple, red apple, fruit

Now, let’s go over to the positive side of the spectrum. Apples are tasty and healthy – and it has been proven true as well for our furry friends. However, we should take note that apple seeds, in large quantities are bad for our pups. Apples are good for our dog’s oral health and has Vitamins A and C. Not to mention fibers that is very good for our dog’s digestive health. So, it is strongly advised that we should feed our dogs apple slices, provided that we remove the seeds and the core.


pop corn, yellow, popcorn

There is a fine line regarding feeding corn to your dog. On one side, corn is healthy for your dogs. On the other side, feeding them a lot can be fatal. So, it’s ok to feed them corn but just be conscious of the amount and never ever give them a whole cob. Eating large quantities of corn can block their digestive tract and is very dangerous.


bulb, closeup, close-up

Some dog owners like to cut up small pieces of onion to add to dog food to give it more taste – we should stop this immediately. Onions are extremely toxic to dogs and should never be ingested by our pups in any quantity.


garlic, cloves of garlic, kitchen

On the other hand, adding small pieces of garlic to your dog’s food for flavor is not bad and is in fact, beneficial as it helps with flea infestation. However, please do take note that only a small amount is acceptable. Large quantities can prove fatal as it can affect our pet dog’s respiratory system. Check with your vet regarding the correct amount to provide your pups.

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