Authorities in Ontario saved twenty-one dogs of varying breeds from a house in southern California where they were found to be in deplorable condition. The canines were severely neglected and needed immediate veterinary attention.

Many neighbors had complained about the noxious smell that was continuously reeking from the house and was reaching across the street. The neighbors believed that several animals were living in miserable and inhumane conditions in the Ontario house.

The local police department helped the staff from the local humane society to rescue the canines from the house. When the officials reached the site, they found twenty-one dogs who were extremely emaciated and malnourished. There was no food or hygienic water available for the dogs. The officials noticed that the pooches had started eating tree branches to sustain themselves.

Officials said that when the owner was confronted about the situation, he immediately forfeited all the animals at the house.

The dogs were found to be of varying ages, with most of them between the age of 1 to 12 years. The canines mostly belonged to the Spaniel and Labrador breeds.

All the dogs were taken to the local veterinary hospital, where the vet examined each one of them to determine the kind of care that the animals specifically needed.

The humane society that was involved in the rescue of the pooches said that all the dogs would be put up for adoption as soon as they are recovered from their traumatic and feeble condition.

It is believed that the dogs would require a lot of attention and care to make them come out of their terribly emaciated conditions. The dogs would have to be closely monitored even after they are adopted out because of the effects of the long term neglect that they had to face.

Image source: WNCT9

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