Want To Adopt A Dog?

Owning a furry pal is a dream most of us hold close to our hearts- it is assurance of long-term friendship, reliable protection, and unconditional love. Dogs also inspire better health in us. Research shows that dog owners have lower blood pressure and consequently low-stress levels compared to those without a dog. But living with a dog is also a big responsibility. Below is what your new relationship is going to mean.

Till death do us apart

Before you adopt any dog, you will need to think about it, sleep over it and think about it again. Don’t let it be a split second decision, even though it’s hard to resist the beauty in their soft brown eyes and fluffy fur. When you adopt a dog, it is like you add to your family a new member or baby that needs to be taken care of. A dog lives for about 12 years, and during their lifetime you will need to meet their every need be it physical, mental or emotional.

It will always be us against the world

But time is not the only thing to consider before you adopt a canine. Your lifestyle should be canine-friendly, and sometimes that takes sacrifice and compromise. You will first need to find out your neighbourhood’s rules regarding keeping dogs, and your landlord’s regulations too if you rent.

More about your lifestyle- do your family members have allergies? A dog may worsen skin or chest allergies. Consult with your physician first before moving in with your new best friend. Also, your lifestyle can change drastically over the years, for instance, moving to a new job with tight schedules and frequent travels. Think about all that before adopting.

I’ll foot the bill buddy

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