Since being diagnosed with 15 chronic conditions, a woman named Courtney Thompson has been living alone. Due to her autoimmune ailment and other medical concerns, it is difficult for her to function normally and live with other people. In fact, everything seemed difficult for her.

Courtney primarily just stays at home so she opted to foster dogs in order to have a companion and playmate in the home. She has fostered numerous dogs over the past six years, but only Indigo has captured her heart.

When Indigo entered Courtney’s life, the dog changed Courtney’s entire existence. Courtney can relate a lot with Indigo that she sees her like a sister. They share numerous similarities, most notably their illnesses.

When she fostered Indigo, she was unaware of her condition. However, after a few days together, Indigo had to return to the shelter for a checkup. She had a heart murmur, and Courtney was unaware of its severity.

When Courtney learned of Indigo’s predicament, she immediately understood how the poor dog feels. Courtney also has a heart ailment, so she can completely relate to her.

The shelter informed her that Indigo must be euthanized to stop her misery, but Courtney refused to comply. She was unwilling to hear what they were saying. It will break her heart, and she will not allow it to happen.

Courtney recorded numerous videos of Indigo to show the shelter that the dog is healthy and not suffering. She asked if she could actually adopt the dog, and they agreed. This news pleased Courtney.

Courtney and Indigo spend the majority of their time together, even when they sleep. Indigo is always present whenever she is unwell.

Indigo has changed Courtney’s life. She even assisted Courtney in getting eight hours of sleep. As a result, Courtney desired to repay what the dog has done for her by helping Indigo overcome her illness.

Now, they each have the other. Together, they are fighting their respective fights.

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