Everyone has a fair share of rough days. Thankfully, some of them only need an unexpected text from someone to turn things around. That was precisely what happened to Stormy Rose Bruce. After receiving a message from an unknown number, her mood immediately changed for the better.

Stormy was going through a bit of a rough day when, suddenly, she received a text message from an unknown number. She was not expecting much. However, as she opened the message, her heart immediately went ecstatic. As it turns out, a stranger accidentally sent her a picture of an adorable dog, hanging out in a dryer.

Posted by Stormy Rose Bruce on Friday, March 13, 2020


Seeing such a delightful picture immediately melted Stormy’s heart. She was thoroughly excited. So, Stormy asked who the sender was, to which the stranger responded with an apology, saying that it was a wrong number. Despite that, Stormy was still so pleased. As she said, you do not get to receive such a beautiful wrong text every day.

Stormy told the sender that this was the best wrong number text of her life. She thanked the person and said that Lyla, the dog inside the dryer, was beautiful. Stormy even encouraged the sender to feel free to forward more of Lyla’s photos.

Posted by Stormy Rose Bruce on Friday, March 13, 2020


Thankfully, the sender was more than happy to show more of Lyla to Stormy. So, the dog owner sent some more goofy photos of the pup. Stormy said that this was an extremely welcome smile. As she always says, animals are the way to her heart.

Stormy decided that this was too cute to keep to herself. So, she shared the photos along with the text exchange on a Facebook group. It was an instant hit among the page’s followers too. Although the delightful conversation eventually came to an end, hopefully, Lyla’s owner will send some more photos of the pup in the future.

Credit: Stormy Rose Bruce

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