Lucia Lopez needed to have a dog as soon as her dad passed away, so she decided to visit a shelter to look for the perfect companion. Lucia knew that a Pit Bull named Bishop was the one for her as soon as she saw him at the pound.

Bishop spent most of his life being used for breeding puppies. The Pit Bull’s previous owner abused and threw him away as soon as he served his purpose of making money.

This Woman Has A Bed Full Of Rescue Animals

When this woman needed a friend, she adopted the most perfect pit bull — then she filled her whole bed up with rescue animals!

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Lucia felt like Bishop was perfect for her because they both needed each other. Lucia shared that Bishop was there for her 24/7, which helped her deal with grief and loss.

Lucia recalled taking in a kitten she found in Douglaston Parkway, so she named him Doug. Doug was supposed to be surrendered at the shelter, but Lucia immediately changed her mind as soon as she saw Doug getting along well with Bishop.

Lucia recalled that Bishop used to bark at any cat he sees, but it all changed when Doug came into her Pit Bull’s life. Doug taught Bishop how to love cats, so Lucia eventually adopted another cat named Simba.

Lucia shared that Simba’s tail was unusually shorter than a regular cat. Lucia said that Simba got along well with Doug and Bishop, so she decided to keep him.

Lucia got herself two rats and named them Joey and Chandler. Lucia admitted that she was scared, especially when she first brought Joey and Chandler home because she was unsure how Bishop, Doug, and Simba would react.

Lucia wanted all her fur babies to get to know each other, so she placed them on her bed. Everyone surprisingly got along well so quickly, and they like to watch one another.

Lucia shared that she no longer feels lonely because her pets are always there for her. Lucia said that she is proud of her furbabies for getting along so well.

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