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It’s entertaining to watch our dogs interacting with other animals. They may not have the same way of communicating but they can form a great connection. It’s also amusing to watch dogs having a great time with other animals when they start playing together.

A great example of this would be a Yorkshire Terrier that decided to pursue its ferret friend that had decided to hide under the sheets. From the looks of things, the Yorkie was determined to catch its friend regardless of how long it took him.

Deborah, a Yorkshire Terrier, stood on her pet parents’ mattress in this amusing video. At first glance, it looked as though Deborah was preparing the bed for a nap. However, this was not the case, since Deborah was seen attempting to bite something that was hidden beneath the bedsheets. And even as the thing began to move, the Yorkie continued to attempt to bite it.

The dog was eager to gain a firm hold of the hidden thing so she continued to do what it was doing. However, when the object continued to move, the dog reevaluated the situation.

It turned out that Deborah’s ferret friend, Romchy, was the one hiding beneath the bedsheets during their game. Despite Romchy’s persistence in hiding, the Yorkie remained unfazed and continued to find a way to coax him to go out of hiding.

However, Romchy’s stubbornness prevented him from leaving his current hiding place. The irritated Yorkie then repeatedly bit the area where the ferret was hiding to coax him to go out.

At one point, Deborah even attempted to beg her fur parent for assistance. As the fur parent was unwilling to intervene, the Yorkie had no alternative but to continue gnawing on Romchy’s hiding place.

Nonetheless, Romchy seemed like he had a plan, as he quickly shuffled beneath the sheets, leading Deborah to believe he was relocating to the left bed corner. As soon as the Yorkie approached the corner of the bed, the ferret dashed behind the bedsheets to escape.

Do you think that Romchy outwitted Deborah in the end?

Source: Rumble Viral

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