When kids grow up with dogs, it allows them to form a beautiful inseparable bond. They become best friends and form a friendship that will surely last a lifetime. So when something goes wrong, they know that they always have each other’s back.

An eight-year-old boy Bryson Kleimann has a best friend named Bruce who is a Rottweiler-Labrador mix. Ever since they went and adopted him when he was a puppy, Bryson loved his pooch so much. He loves playing with him all day long and couldn’t imagine not having him in his life.

Unfortunately, when Bruce was four months old, the pupper got sick with parvo. It’s a kind of virus that can be very fatal to dogs but can be cured as long as they do it quickly. Bryson noticed that the doggo was weak and didn’t want to play with him anymore.

So to rescue Bruce, he had to undergo surgery and stay at the vet for days. Because of this, the pup’s medical expenses were starting to pile up and it was hard for Bryson’s family to afford. So when the young boy heard that they might not be able to afford Bruce’s hospital bill, Bryson sprang into action.

To help his family pay for his best pal’s medical needs, Bryson decided to sell his Pokemon cards. He put up a booth outside their house and posted a huge sign. Everyone who saw him got interested to help him save Bruce so they kept buying his Pokemon cards and even started a GoFundMe page for the doggo.

Bryson’s grandpa says that selling the Pokemon cards was a really big deal because the boy really loved collecting them. Every chance he gets to choose a gift, Bryson would always ask for Pokemon. So this really showed how important Bruce is to Bryson.

Eventually, because of the overwhelming support from strangers, Bryson and his family had more than enough money to pay for Bruce’s bills. Bryson wants to use the extra money to help other families who also have sick dogs. It looks like this young boy is determined to save more doggos.

Video Credit: Click on Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

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