Puppies need love, care, lots of attention, and a ton of hugs and kisses. They can also make adult humans do what they like, whether we admit it or not.

Some puppies get adopted at just a few weeks old. When this happens, pups source the kind of love and affection from the humans who adopted them.

Take this Miniature Schnauzer named George. At just six weeks old, he joined his forever home. He’s luckier than most, and he’s such a trooper for taking this major change like a champ.

This little one needed warmth and cuddles and fortunately, his new big sister was more than happy to give them. George had to play around, jumping and trying to catch her first, but he did it.

We could tell that George’s human sister will shower him with more love than he has ever imagined. He’d be the little prince of this home, and he’d stay as one for as long as he lives.

When we get or adopt puppies, let’s remember that all we really need to do is give them our hearts. They would never betray us because that’s the kind of heart canines have. Bless them for it!

After playing with the pup and leading him on a merry chase on the living room carpet, this teen finally gave the cuddles George wanted. This young lady held and hugged the furball warmly.

This little gesture of hers calmed the pup immediately, and we bet George quickly felt secured and cared for. We wouldn’t be surprised if this furball got to spend his first few nights beside this teen.

You’re blessed to have a loving family like them, pup. We know you’ll make an excellent buddy, guardian, and protector to all of them.

That knowledge makes us happy, so here’s to your best life!

Credits to The Disney Mama via YouTube

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